Process to Adopt

Follow our steps

Fill out our application.

The application is extensive.   Incomplete  applications will not be processed. Applications with incorrect data will not be processed. 

We check veterinary status.  We require that all potential adopters have a veterinarian and be in good standing to adopt a Cooper dog.  If you have pets we will ask your vet if they are vaccinated.  If this is your first dog you will need to initiate contact with a veterinarian. 

We check home status. We check to see if the address you list is actually your address.   If you rent, we require a letter from your landlord or property manager. We verify the address listed on the application.

Home checks are part of the process. An adoption coordinator will walk your fence and see the inside of your home.  A home check takes at least an hour.  

Inconsistencies in an application will cause a denial of the application.


Adoption Fees


Complete the online adoption application. Incomplete applications cannot be processed.

 Filling out an application does not secure a pet,

 nor is it a guarantee that the application will be accepted.

Once an application is processed and is accepted, you will receive a call for a home check. 

Cooper's does home checks to make sure Cooper dogs are safe. 

Home Checks does not secure a pet,

nor is it a guarantee that a dog will be placed into that home.  

Cooper's hold meet and greets at local venues.  Come out and see all of our dogs.  

We also do private meet and greets. Schedule one with your adoption coordinator.

All placements go through a process and are at the discretion of the director. 


Cooper dogs are spayed/neutered prior to adoption.  

Cooper dogs  have age appropriate shots.

Cooper dogs are microchipped. 

Files coming soon.

For every dog you foster you save two.

Can I crash at your home?

Cooper dogs are in foster homes until they find their forever home. When you foster a dog you save a life.   Cooper dogs are owner surrenders or  come from shelters. Because Cooper's is a foster based rescue we can not take stray animals.  

Fosters provide love and guidance.

Foster dogs need love and guidance.  As a foster parent you can take them for walks, socialize them,  chill the couch and watch movies together.  You can  teach them tricks and to sit and stay. 

Cooper's Companions provides food and medical needs.

Cooper's will provide  food and medical care for the foster dog.  All Cooper dogs are spayed or neutered prior to adoption.  Dogs also get age appropriate shots, and microchipped.   

I want to foster. 

      This is really easy. Fill out the application.  You will receive a call to schedule a home check.  

Files coming soon.

I want to volunteer.

Volunteers are the cornerstone of our rescue.   There is room for everybody in our rescue.  The more volunteers we have the more animals we can save.  Call Tina.


Files coming soon.